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Surviving with Wolves: The Most Extraordinary Story of World War II by Misha Defonseca

This memoir left me incredulous – at two levels. Firstly, that young Misha, the seven year old Jewish girl could journey as she did, hungry often starving, blistered, alone and yet survive. She travelled across three thousand miles through Nazi occupied Europe - a trek that defies belief and yet reflects the strength of the human spirit.
Secondly that man’s inhumanity to man was so evident and that a child of seven should have witnessed so much murder, brutality and even rape. Yet there is hope in this The wolves of the forest were to be relied upon – Misha lived with wolves and became a wolf in body and spirit. She learns to be at one with the pups and their mother but even this experience is terribly marred by the actions of man.
Inspirational and honest as she shares insights into her life in far off America her journey through life remains challenging. Yet her hope shines through as in the following quote
… ‘I shook with fear again one September 11th on soil that I’d believed was safe from war. Did I have to begin running again? I didn’t run. I started writing again …’ As to the final words dear reader – read them for yourself – you will not be disappointed. 

Appendix to my original words.  Sadly as confirmed here it appears that the author of this book has been dishonest. Tthe story that earned $25 million and was translated into 18 languages was fiction.  Misha Defonseca, whose real name is Monique De Wael, admitted yesterday the bestseller she co-wrote, Misha - a Memoir of the Holocaust Years, was a fake.   She did not live with wolves and did not spend four years crossing Europe from Belgium to the Ukraine in World War II.   Apparently she is not even Jewish.  "I ask for forgiveness from all those who feel betrayed," she said.

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