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A Pilgrimage

I have travelled a challenging but inspirational journey over the last forty days. From the comfort of my arm chair I have made my own personal Lenten pilgrimage culminating in the hope and joy of Easter celebrations. Ash Wednesday to Easter day has seen me with my constant companion Albert Holtz. Who - you may well ask!

Albert is a Benedictine monk who, in his sabattical year journeyed widely and wrote forty short mediatations based on vignettes with pencil line drawings of the places he visited. Each day he led me to another destination - from Bolivia to Holland, via Santiago de Compostela and Assisi in Italy. Each day's destination was accompanied with a reflection, a bible verse and a quote from the Rule of St Benedict. Especially wonderful for me was that he visited places with which I was already acquainted and so had a special affinity.
This was an inspiring and delightful companion for my journey through Lent. If you ever think about taking a spiritual journey, be it Lent or not then do try this little volume - you will not be disappointed.

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