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The Man Booker Prize

Recently I was reading the hype around the 40th Anniversary of the Man Booker Prize here and found myself drawn into the 'best Booker prize debate'.  For me there was no debate - Possession by A S Byatt.  Totally immersed I enthused, discussed and shared the book in a manner that was unique to me at that time in my life. As we all know the advent of internet blogs, yahoo book groups and challenges has provided another huge audience for us to share our enthusiasms. I try to read widely and enjoy my bookish world but I do have to say that the only other book I have ever felt so passionate about is War and Peace. So Possession certainly had my vote!   Well you can't actually vote yet but I posted and it wet my appetite!

Thus armed and browsing in the real world of my lovely local library imagine my interest when I came across a sleek, slim slip of a book The Man Booker Prize - 35 Years of the best in contemporary fiction 1969 - 2003.   This little volume was informative, entertaining and full of snippets of information about many of those who have felt so passionately about reading.  Ranging from Michael Caine through to Tom Maschler founder of The Prize it is a great collection of thoughts and reflections of those whose lives have been close to the prize over the years.  If you are reading the prize winners or are simply curious about the history of this bookish institution enjoy this delightful selection of essays.


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