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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Winner of the Penguin/Orange Reader’s Group Prize 2006 and 2007 this book was a compelling read. Ranging from the cold Afghanistan winter of 1975 with friends Amir and Hassan in Kabul flying kites to the plight of refugees fleeing to Pakistan in the most appalling of circumstances we follow Amir to America and finally his return to his homeland in 2001.
At times it is an almost unbearably sad and tragic tale. There are striking contrasts between terror and tenderness, love and the cowardice and vengefulness of bullying. The main theme is one of ‘giving’ in boundless amounts yet not asking for anything in return as exemplified in Hassan’s friendship for Amir. Through these characters and the narrative the reader comes face to face with many of the challenges and tragedies that have beset Afghanis both in their homeland and in the immigrant San Francisco community
Rahim Khan, an old man by the end of the book promises ‘there is a way to be good again’ – a phrase that was borne out throughout the book as the characters journey through the decades. This was an excellent compelling book that combined depth of character, plot, setting and context into a riveting read.

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